Frequently Asked Questions

How does this website work?

The Online Cookie Audit tool visits a website and monitors if cookies are placed, and if so, what kind of cookies. It does not give any consent to place cookies, so all cookies that are received are placed without authorization.

Does the Cookie Audit guarantee that my website is compliant?

No. The Cookie Audit checks whether cookies are placed without consent. However, to comply to EU or country-specific regulations, there are more things to be done. In some countries, the law requires a website to have a page where the purpose of each cookie is explained. Also, if a user gives consent to place tracking cookies, the website is still obligated to protect the personal data collected using the cookies in a legal manner.

Are cookies bad? Do you hate cookies? Are you privacy activists?

No, maybe even on the contrary.

We think cookies are both a technical necessity and even a requirement to be able to effectively monetize websites. The Online Cookie Audit has been built to give users a better understanding of what is going on in their browser in the hope to reduce a bit of the fear that people have of cookies. Another purpose of the tool is to give users a means to verify if the claims made by a website are true, thus creating a level playing field in this area.

Why does this website not see all cookies that I expect?

For instance, website X has a Facebook 'like' button but no Facebook cookies are being reported?

Our tool checks if a website or the files included by that website tries to place cookies. Some social media widgets place cookies only when visiting the social media site itself. The widget does not necessarily place cookies, in some cases cookies that have been previously placed are only read by the widget. This is very hard to detect, because it would require our tool to visit any website that would possibly set a cookie, prior to visiting a website that would possibly cause a cookie to be read.